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Hexagon Activity Center

80 Overall Rating
Item No. 22-070 / Unit: Ea / Availability: Direct Ship
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Ships direct from the supplier 9-8-14


Seven fun activities in one!

Multi-sensory adventure features a different play experience on each side: an abacus, gears, magnetic circle express, Ziggedy-Zag panel, pathfinder, and alphabet. Wire and wood construction. Easy assembly. 23" dia x 23"H overall; 25 lb.


They Kids Just Love This Toy! Date:
Overall Rating
It took a long time to get this product and I had to put a product trace on it. I am purchasing for 2 year old children and ordered from the age range in the catalog. The size of the product in the catalog was deceptive. I didn't notice it before I ordered it or I wouldn't have purchased it as it would have been too high. Toddlers would have had to climb on it to do the beads, so I was happy that the product was actually smaller. I noticed that other cubes pictured in your catalog show children playing with them. If this product would be pictured with a 2-3 year old playing with it- it would make it easier to visualize the actual product size. That said, this is a wonderful toy! When we put the cube out to play with... all the toddlers in the class just gravitated toward it. It is great that one toy can be shared cooperatively with more than one child at a time-especially with 2-year olds. The Hexagon cube still remains a favorite toy even after the "newness" has worn off. We are even considering purchasing another one!
Anonymous - Early Childhood Professional
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Great Date:
Overall Rating
I purchased this for my son, and I didn't recieve a confirmation e-mail, so I was a bit worried, I had my husband call 2 times, and they contacted the company they buy from a total of 5 times, the packed did come fast, and the item was very easy to put together. There was two problems though. The alphabet: Letters A was to big for the bar, and was nearly impossible to turn, we simply popped the plastic cap holding the bar in place and filed it down and slid it back on (It wasn't simple to pop off, the thing is made pretty darn good, but we got it off) And the height, this website says it is 3'9" tall, it isn't, it's around 2'9" including the top, I was excited when I thought it was 3'9" but, I was sad to see it was so small, BUT, if you buy any other activity cube from Amazon, or any other store you are going to be paying 2x as much and getting so much less, the cube is made VERY well, and the fact that it will never need batteries makes me happy. It is smaller than this website says, BUT DO NOT let that change your mind, with most other activity tables I looked at they only had 4 sides, and the sides wasn't very entertaining, but this one has everything the other ones has, and the rollercoaster abacus is really elaborate compared to other activity tables I looked at. I know my review might seem like I work for the company and am giving it a 'showy' review, but I am not, I am a mother of two, and found a great toy at a great price, that more than met my expectations!
Anonymous - Other
Sacramento , ca
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Response from Gopher:

By Beth, Customer Care Team, June 07, 2010

"Thank you for your helpful comments! We're glad this product is meeting your needs. We are sorry the information in our catalog was inaccurate related to the product dimensions. Thanks to your feedback, we'll make a correction as soon as possible. It is also unfortunate to hear about the troubles you encounted with the alphabet blocks. Although you were able to make the product work, remember Play With A Purpose stands behind all the products we offer with an Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, at any time, we will replace the product, credit your account, or refund the purchase price. With Play With A Purpose, you will always be satisfied. We guarantee it."

Play With A Purpose - Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee